When Project Crisis Looms – Call In The Experts

On all the lifestyle programmes that litter the daytime tv schedules, there are many that deal with property maintenance / refurbishment or total know down and rebuild in some cases.  all the tv pundits or programme hosts seem to have an expert opinion on what would need to be done as an absolute minimum to get the property into better shape.  There are a few on the pitfalls of taking on a project.  In fact one well known programme of long standing delves into the trials and tribulations of those mad folk who buy a wreck of a place and design a super fantastic mansion / castle out of the original dump.

On this particular show, there is often a dramatic pause in the project work, as another major catatrophe unfolds.  Whatever the crisis, it can generally be solved with the cool calm building officer or environmental officer.  Or just engaging the best project company / small builder, who knows all about current building regulations!