When Asbestos Is Suspected Specialists Must Be Consulted

We don’t hear a great deal today about asbestos in buildings – for the most part, any developments affected by this product have usually been identified by one or two families selling their property and it being discovered during survey work or as a result of extensions being planned.  In these circumstances, everything has to come to an abrupt halt and very specialist teams are required to completely rid the property of any harmful material.  On the property sales programmes on tv, sometimes they show an asbestos garage.  As I understand it from those shows, if there is no damage to any part of the construction, then it is ok to leave it but if there are any flaws in the fabric, then again, specialist removal teams must by law be engaged to remove completely.   It does make one wonder how this very dangerous materials ever got accepted as a means of cheap construction – but it did and we are still trying to deal with the fall out from those decisions.