Thank Heavens For Rich American Tenants

One of the interesting things about regularly helping out in a heritage property as a room steward is hearing the comments of the many members of the public who pay to come through and see how the other half used to live. The house has many 20th century interests – one set of tenants in the 1920s were an american socialite with multi millionnaire grandparents. She and her husband at that time had political aspirations – which in the US, were thwarted at that time. They accepted an invitation to come over to the UK and be amid all the hunting/shooting and fishing folk of the upper classes. It did wonders for the house in question – it put a relatively small place on the map and it’s never slipped off since. The american couple renting on a ‘repairing lease’ paid a little rent but had to fix the place up. They did. In mighty style!