Prickly Problem Dealing With Asbestos

There are still properties about that have asbestos in their build somewhere.  quite often it will be hidden in wall or pipe insulation and sometimes in vinyl-asbestos tiling.   As with lead, also a banned substance, the presence of asbestos does not in itself cause a problem.  It’s the disturbing it that then raises the need to remove.   Whenever anyone is thinking of refurbishing an older property, certainly one built before the ’70s, the project engineer on a larger project will automatically run asbestos tests.   If you’re carrying out the renovations yourself, then it is wise to check whether any similar aged properties in the road every encountered this product.  Removal and disposal must by law be carried out by registered asbestos technicians.   It is absolutely against the law to remove and dispose of it yourself.   In some cases, if the asbestos is still completely undisturbed, it may be better to just cover it in a way that will not damage it and will continue to cover it as permanently as possible, if in flooring tiles but advice must be sought as to best method of dealing with it.