Poblems With Asbestos In The Home

There have been major concerns about asbestos in British housing stock for many years now.  Because of this, there are always questions about the buying and selling of properties of a certain age that may or may not contain this product.  In fact, properties built in UK after the middle of the 1980s are far less likely to contain asbestos in the fabric of the building.    The worry about this product is that when it becomes old and perhaps damaged, it releases fibres into the air which are then breathed in wher it can stay in the lungs for a long time.  Items in an older home from the ’60s & 70’s coud be lgging of hot water systems and pipes;   insulating board wall linings, bath panels and partitions.  These days the work force has to be protected against all such risks with particular regulations covering this product, it’s use, it’s handling and most importantly, its disturbance and removal from any site.