Perfect New Build Spa Tub Siting

I know a company supplying hot tubs and outdoor spa baths.  There’s quite a lot more to these than you might imagine.  I saw a video of them delivering one of their larger models – to a very impressive new build project in the North.  In fact it was going in to the place before completion because it’s pretty big and needs lots of support structure to keep it functioning without damage from outside elements.  The unit is being installed in it’s own garage sized ‘orangery’ with plenty of brick but even more specialist self cleaning and shaded glazing.    I was amazed how much effort the supplier has to go to – ensuring the crane lift is exactly right, that the landing site is prepared and available – because they often get put in before houses are complete, there’s usually a security fence and walling to negotiate en route.  The builders are always very accommodating and ensure that space and manpower are available to install ultra showy toys and equipment for their celebrity clients!