Laying Ceramic Tiles Successfully

Ceramic tiles are a lovely floor choice for kitchens, hallways and occasionally sitting rooms.  They can be laid directly over a concrete floor, but it is important that preparation is carefully done first.

A concrete floor is a good base for laying tiles, as long as it is level and free from cracks and abrasions.  The first thing you should do before laying your tiles is clean the floor well.  Use a broom to get rid of any dust and debris.  After this, run around with a damp mop to get any remaining dust away from the floor.  Levelling compounds are sensitive to dust, so it is important you remove as much dust as you can!

Fill in any cracks in the concrete using thin set mortar.  Dry thoroughly.

You can apply a latex primer to the concrete, using a paint roller.  Cover the entire floor with a thin coat of primer and allow to dry (can take around 24 hours).