House With Space To Extend Holds Bidding War

When we need to extend our homes, it’s certainly not just a case of bunging up some bricks and mortar.  There are very many more hoops to jump through.  Having the right amount of additional space is one thing to consider.  My parents had a fairly ordinary 1980s detached house – built in a sort of dormer bungalow design but was a house all along.  It never really seemed big enough for a family but as it was only those two, no matter.  What was good though was the space at the side – plenty for an additional room or two.  When we came to sell the house recently, the interest in it was immense.  Word had got around that it was going to be marketed and every builder for miles expressed interest in it.  The sealed bid idea was very good for us.  We had several bids, all above the minimum suggested by the selling agent.