Guidelines For Working With Suspected Asbestos

If you are refurbishing propertyt, particularly of previous century origins, then asbestos could well make its presence known.  There are very strict guidelines as to what should be done as soon as this risk is discovered.  First and foremost, the contractor should stop work immediately and speak to the employer / owner if he suspects asbestos may be present.  It is highly likely that a registeres asbestos contractor will need to be consulted.  Then follow the plan of work with esseentials guidance sheets that are downloadable from the governments H&S website.  Ensuring the right sheet are elected for the job is critical.  Other risk factors must be taken in to account such as the height the suspected asbestos is currently at – will it involve working at height.  Protective workwear must be worn, particularly asbestos quality face masks and coverings.  Cleaning up thoroughly as work proresses to eliminate any excess build up.Ensure all waste is double bagged and is disposed of correctly under PDF regulations at a licenced tip.  Wash before breaks, eating and before leaving site.  There are more guidelines.  Several.