Flagrant Breach Of Planning aproval

I saw an interesting article on my local news programme the other day.  A chap was in the middle of an enquiry into a seriouse breach of local planning permission for a house extension.  the local neighbours who had objected to the original plans being approved are now absolutely spitting feathers in disgust because the work commenced before the retrospective planning permission has been submitted.  That was bad enough but now the build has actually been finished and is very much larger than the proposed scheme.  The neighbours are screaming for the building inspector to take take the local planning authority to task over its sloppy handling of the whole messy story.   The wrangle has now reached the courts and we have the barristers taking up chunks of the story.  The neighbours baying for the building to be classed as illegal and must be demolished and everyone else trying to come to a workable solution.  I can’t wait for the rest of the tale to unfold!