Fab New Material Turns Out A Nightmare

There are many old buildings about in this country – most of them from the older period are quite safe and not likely to cause any of us too much problem if we just visit them and not poke around too much.  There are others however that pose a much greater danger.  Buildings from the 19th & 20th Centuries mostly – and all because of asbestos.  This ‘fantastic new’ material was the best thing since sliced bread.  Hard wearing, rugged and capable of a lot of heavy wear and tear and waterproof.  These factors made it an easy choice for very cheap cladding for roofs, sheds, garages etc. in the interwar periods.  It’s such a shame the dangers of this material did not become known until many deaths from the breathing diseases caused by it’s fibrous nature.  If you find asbestos in any of your buildings, consultation with a specialist handler and removal technician is legally required.