Excitement As Extension Work Progresses Apace

A family member has been gradually building on to their existing large family house.  I have been fascinated iwth the progress, which by it’s nature has been a stop – start operation.  They had a cerain figure set aside for doing the work once the hallowed planning permission was eventually granted and they did in fact get going a s a p.   The result will be absolutely fantastic and probably worthy of a place on Grand Designs.  The back of the house has been pushed out to make a longer kitchen, a sweeping sun room, utility, study, 2 downstairs bedrooms.  Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms with ensuites over the existing garage.  It is an amazing job.  All the way through I have asked interested questions about different coloured plaster boards – apparently signals the level of fire proofing etc. I remembered to ask about asbestos in any common parts – thankfully there is none in the property. Phew!