Engaging Asbestos Expert Saves Worry & Mistakes

As we all know, buying any property is stresful, especially for the first time buyer.  All that checking over contracts, what are we supposed to be looking out for and will our solicitor answer our questions.  The chances of buying a house with asbestos that has not already been discovered in recent years is now less common.   Engaging a professionally qualified asbestos contrator will make the process smoother and legal.  If asbestos is suspected in say artex ceilings and old ground floor tiles, they will quote for best method of disposal and replacement.  This information can then be used to renegotiate the sales price of the property with the current owner.  There is no statutory requirement to manage or remove asbestos containing materials from domestic properties but for the prchaser’s peace of mind, engaging a specialist to advice on best management is worth their fee.  The buyer can then decide whether to have these materials removed and replaced immediately, before moving in, or to phase the work to suit any redesign plans.