Crossing T & Dotting Is Where Asbestos Is Concerned

With so many new properties being built these days, there are less and less older ones coming up for refurbishment.  Our cities and large towns still have a large stock of victorian builds, but with so many property developers buying them up and turning them into buy to let stock, it only leaves a few really old or grim ones.  Now these are the ones to worry about.   No developer wants to handle asbestos as it needs specialist contractors who are qualified and registered to handle it for removal off site.  No builder can just remove it – those old garages with asbestos doors and panels in the roof.  If an outbuilding is not going to be touched, i.e. no disturbance to the building, then it can  be bought and left as is.  It’s when refurbishment or re building actions are planned that a full survey must be made of the part that could be affected, and surrounding land.  Heavy penalties are applicable for falsifying records and documents