Conveyancing Solicitors Ask Those Critical Questions

When we buy a house or flat, we always have to use a solicitor.  Generally we get offered the services of one dedicated to conveyancing and we rely on them absolutely to ensure we don’t find outselves buying something dangerous or unsuitable for our needs.  They should ask all kinds of questions – or at least ask us to complete a formal enquiry sheet which is held on record.  If there are any aspects of the property or its environs that cause the conveyancer qualms, they will in turn ask questions on our behalf – sorting out the building manufacturing method, is it in an area known to experience radon gas, or is there mention of flood plains anywhere.  The more questions asked, the better so that every single problem can be elminated before signing.  Thi is particularly critical where things ike asbestos is concerned.  Moving in & finding that rickety garage is 90% asbestos is not the desired outcome of an expensive move!