Checking Liability If Asbestos Exists

There was some work being done on the village hall near us recently.  It used to be part of a community memorial hall andhad been paid for by public subscription started after the first world war and completed finally in the 1950s, after the second world war.   The hall itself is plenty roomy and has a once stunning wooden parquet floor.  It depnds which social group is hiring the main hall as to how well it’s maintained and cleaned.  Because of the social aspect to it’s covenants and constitution, the hall can only be hired out for certain functions and activities so it’s not used as often as the financial requirements might dictate.   When the funds were needed for even basics to be done, appeals were issued and made to all sorts of agencies and council departments.   The need to enquire via a specialist asbestos agency as to the location of any asbestos was a lengthy an expensive distraction.  However, the trustees of the property need to show they’ve gone through all the hoops to ensure absolute adherence to current laws in place covering all aspects of asbestos in buildings in this country.