Build a Solid Brick Wall with Our Easy Tips

Brick walls date back as far as 5000 years ago in India and the surrounding areas.  Building onto this ancient tradition might seem easy, but getting a professional finish can be tricky, taking time and practice!

Select your bricks first.  There are lots of different types, but most are one of three main types:

  • SW (severe weathering) bricks can stand direct contact with the ground and with moisture.  These can be used for foundations, patios, garden walls etc.
  • MW (medium weathering) bricks can stand freezing temperatures and above ground work but no direct ground contact.
  • NW (no weathering) bricks are for interior work only.

Make sure you buy the right number of bricks for your project!  Allow a few extra bricks to cut in half to use as new row starters.  It’s never easy to try and match products afer the first phase has been installed.  Ordering all the bricks needed for each phase as needed is better than chancing it and only ordering piecemeal.