Blight Of Asbestos In Post War Redevelopments

There are many things about living in an old building that are very satisfying.  For one thing, they often have beautifully shaped roof tiles and porches – gable ends and windows.  These features enhance the look of any house.   After the second world war there was a desperate need for rapid rebuilding to house the thousands of displaced families.   Every city, town and village had to take their share and millions of houses were built – sadly there was no thought given to the design in terms of beautifying the locality – most of these houses are still standing and are a complete eyesore.  The ugly square look makes many of them appear like prison blocks – even though the right to buy act meant most are privately owned now, there is very little anyone can do, even the best in the building trade can’t make silk purss out of sow’s ears!  At lease many of the later phases have not got the other blight of older houses – asbestos.  That’s one serious problem when it comes to refurbishing or renovating some buildings.