Asbestos Problems Need Micro Managing From Outset

When you deal with property and the maintenance of buildings there are many things that have to be taken int consideration.  For example, is there asbestos anywhere in it’s earlier construction that has not been removed – maybe is known about but nothing has been moved or altered since the first build?  This has to be dealt with by experienced and licenced asbestos technicians.  It is also a ver time consuming and expensive operation but beause of the dangers of asbestos particulates in the air from any disturbance, the site has to be micro managed and every part of the process checked and recorded to ensure no problems arise during or after the removal.   The making good also has to be checked and only when the site has been fully cleared, checked and approved for processing, can any further work be considered.  Lesson to all – try to avoid any such complications when buying sites for rebuilding!