Asbestos Causes More Than Chronic Illness

When you buy any kind of old property, be that a flat, house, heritage hall, country house or boat club, the chances are there will need to be earches throughout to double check there is no asbestos lurking anywhere within the boundary.  For example, lots of houses from the 1930s up will have had cars arrive into the family after the house was built – so garages needed to be built quickly and cheaply.   For sme reason, asbestos was considered a good material to use.  We now know of course that it was the worst possible.  Any damaged asbestos is lethal and must by law be removed and disposed of by a registered insured contractor.   Asbestosis is a very serious chronic respiratory disease where inhaled asbestos fibres aggrevate the lung tissues which causes scaring.  This in turn causes shortness of breath and sometimes cardiac arrest.  It is a deadly serious matter and breaking the rules is pubishable.   Experts in the field have to be licenced.  Calling in an odd job man is illegal.