Asbestos Affected Refurbs Require Specialist Contractors

Whenever a group of building contractors get huddled around a tipper truck or perhaps the dustbin with the chimney that holds their essential bonfire, it is usually impossible to work out if they are just bored or awaiting the next tranche of instructions.  Currently there are hundreds of projects in the process of building or being upgraded, refurbished or whatever.

With refurishments it is critical to engage the services of a building company who are fully experienced in tackling every type of construction, and how to deal legally and safely with any possible dangers lurking within or under the rubble.  Asbestos for example requires a lorry load of health and safety consideration – only specifically licenced contractors are allowed to handle and dispose of it.  This makes the resulting project much more expensive and time consuming for the owner and fee payer. Cowboys have been known to tackle jobs and get it very seriously wrong.