Keeping The Integrity Of Pre War Art Deco Bungalow

I have been watching with interest the slow redevelopment of a very attractive ‘pre war’ bungalow located a short way from me.  There were several of that design built by a family firm around 1925 and they all had a common theme.  They took up a massive space each, being large detached bungalows.  Lots of room at the front too – maybe the big daddy of the firm had aspirations to own a fleet of family cars – it was very rare to buy a property with parking space in those days – hardly anyone could afford one car, let alone four or five.   This particular bungalow is slowly being refurbished to make it more modern inside and to rip out and replace the cranky old hot water and central heating supply.   It is a labour of love, helped by a professional group interested in preserving the unique design, so resonant of the all too brief art deco period.