1800s Super New Product Not Quite So Nice These Days

When asbestos was first discovered it was hailed as the fantastic new building product to aid evry situation.  It’s waterproof, dentproof and best of all, its fireproof.  However all these benefits pale into insignificance when you take the pitfalls of the product.   Certainly any building built before 1970 could still contain some of it.    Those built in the first half of the 20th Century will almost certainly  have had some asbestos in it somewhere.  However even though ther’es a lot of caution surroundng it, if it’s in good condition with no visible damage, it would be best to leave it in situ rather than go meddling and partially exposing the product to anyone nearby.  Many folk don’t realise that it was being used in house building as early as 1800.  It is literally indistructable and so it became the wonder product overnight.  Unfortunately the fibrous nature of its make up makes it truly unsuitable for any product where humans are going to be living, or breathing for that matter.